Nicole Davis speaks with Tabitha Jackson onstage during the Industry Podcast Recording of Best Girl Grip at Sundance 2022 at Picturehouse Central, London on 09 June 2022

I am an experienced public speaker and moderator. I have hosted live Q&As and podcasts with talent including Tabitha Jackson, Dionne Edwards, Georgia Goggin, Molly Manning Walker, Ed Perkins, Jim Archer, Halina Reijn and Georgia Oakley for organisations and events such as BAFTA, BFI (the London Film Festival, the Woman With a Movie Camera Summit and their ongoing Film Academy Labs), Sundance London, the British Council and Roundhouse.

I have also designed and delivered workshops for filmmakers on script editing, producing, directing and working with actors with speakers such as Paris Zarcilla, Bijan Sheibani, Marley Morrison, Alexandra Blue, Lily Slydel and Jack Casey.