Episode 034: Pamela B. Green, Director, Producer & Titles Designer

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Pamela B. Green has creative directed, produced, and directed feature film main titles, motion graphics, and award packages. She did the titles for a recent indie film I really loved called Blindspotting, as well as Crown Heights and Fences but if you look at her imdb page you will be scrolling for a while. Her most recent project, a documentary called Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché is her feature directorial debut.

Alice Guy-Blaché is missing from most film histories and continues to be a little-known name outside academic circles. From her directing debut in 1896 at Parisian-based Gaumont studio and her role as head of production there, to the opening of her own studio and subsequent career in the US, Guy-Blaché worked as a director, producer or writer on more than 1000 films. A visionary who mastered technique, pushed the boundaries of genres and wrote progressive narratives, her influence is such that she cannot be overlooked. Be Natural is a captivating, must-see profile of the mother of cinema.

This episode actually follows on quite nicely from last week’s interview with Elise McCave the Director of Narrative Film at Kickstarter, because the journey of Pamela’s film coming into the world more or less began with Kickstarter as well. 

We talk about why her grandmother was her mentor, how she learnt how to be a filmmaker on the job, Hugh Heffner’s role in the film and pushing through days when she didn’t feel like it was going to be completed. I think this is a really honest and insightful interview, so thank you to Pamela for being open and to TIFF for making it happen.

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