Episode 025: Sophie Powell, Graphic Designer

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My guest this week is Sophie Powell, a graphic designer for Film & TV whose credits include Edgar Wright’s upcoming film Last Night In Soho, Yesterday which is currently in cinemas, Rocketman, Mission Impossible – Fallout, Patrick Melrose and the episode ‘USS Callister’ on Black Mirror Series 4, which I’d say is a pretty formidable CV. 

I was really excited to speak to Sophie about the world of graphic design as I think it’s one of those aspects of filmmaking and world-building that we take completely for granted and perhaps rightly so, because it means they’re doing their jobs if we’re so immersed we don’t notice the fonts and labels and signage. However it was great to do a deep dive in what exactly on a set Sophie makes and how she found her way to doing it. Sophie has a really infectious laugh and personality, so this was a real joy to record. 

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