Episode 015: Chloe Trayner

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For this episode I spoke to Chloe Trayner, who was one of the first names I jotted down on my podcast guest wishlist, so it was a real treat for me for to record this interview.

Chloe is festival director at the Open City Docs, an organisation which celebrates the art of non-fiction and nurtures the next generation of filmmakers, audio producers and VR filmmakers through training programmes, an annual film festival, a feature documentary development lab, and other screening projects throughout the year.

Chloe is responsible for the direction of the festival as well as industry programming, partnerships and development and she has worked as a film & events programmer and producer with organisations such as BFI Future Film Festival, Overnight Film Festival, UnderWire Festival and Bertha DocHouse.

We talk about also these various positions she has held, as well as how she managed being freelance, the state of documentary funding in the UK and what she loves most about her job.

Show notes:

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