Episode 013: Síle Culley

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So for this week, I spoke to Síle Culley who is a Theatrical Sales Executive at Altitude Films and former colleague Episode Five guest Delphine Lievens. She is mind bogglingly knowledgable about the part of the industry in which she works and has lots of insightful nuggets for you to snack on. And stats, expects some stats.

Síle joined Altitude in 2017, after having working in production management and event cinema, and talks about her path into the industry from hometown in Dublin to her recent trip to Berlin for the festival’s talents programme, as well as enlightening me as to what theatrical sales actually entails (hint: they’re the people that book the films into cinemas!)

Síle is incredibly determined and actually quite inspirational in how focused she is in pursuit of her goals. I did this interview at the end of quite a long day and I was feeling pretty tired, but I came away from our chat feeling really renewed and invigorated, so I hope you do too. It’s like the podcast version of an exfoliator.

I should also mention that Altitude have a bevy of brilliant releases either currently out in cinemas, or coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those. They include:

  • Being Frank, a documentary about the life of maverick Manchester comedian Frank Sidebottom and his hidden creator Chris Sievey which is out now in cinemas.
  • Mid 90s, Jonah Hill’s directorial debut about a 13-year-old kid in 90s LA who ingratiates himself with a skateboarding crew, that’s coming to cinemas this very Friday and I 100% recommend it.
  • And lastly but by no means least is Beats, also set in the 90s about two Scottish friends who go on one final rave before heading their separate ways. That’ll be dropping in UK and Irish cinemas on May 17.

Show notes

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