Episode 012: Jo Duncombe

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My guest this week is Jo Duncombe, whose CV as you will shortly find out is a bit ridiculous.

She is currently Shorts Programme Manager at the British Council, and continues to curate and consult at Bird’s Eye View – championing new cinema created by women with nationwide touring programmes. Previous roles include being a film programmer at the Independent Cinema Office, as well as Programme Director at the London Short Film Festival.

In 2015, Jo co-founded The Quarter Club – a network for women working in the creative industries – where she curates quarterly Salons with her best mate Saskia. Jo has worked as an impact release strategist and fundraiser on documentaries including A Syrian Love Story and Even When I Fall.

Jo and I chat about her various roles across these organisation, as well as what living on a boat is like and her very cool side hustle.

I’m a bit in awe of Jo, and how much she does, and I’ve known about her work – at least on a surface level – for a good few years, so it was a real pleasure to dig deeper and hear about how she got into programming. Jo is completely lovely and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Show notes

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