Episode 010: Loran Dunn

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The podcast is officially in its double digits, which is mad but exciting. They grow up so fast don’t they?

And for this episode, I’ve got a wonderful guest in the form of Loran Dunn. Loran is a BFI Vision Award winning producer with a background in production on BBC Dramas, independent features and major music promos and is also an Associate Lecturer in Filmmaking at Manchester Metropolitan University, a Development Mentor at Channel 4’s Random Acts North, and a Producer for Shortflix – which we come to discuss.

Loran’s first feature film as a producer was A Deal With the Universe, an autobiographical documentary from transgender filmmaker Jason Barker telling the story of a very different kind of pregnancy, through the lens of personal archives and home video diaries. The film had its world premiere on March 26 at the 2018 BFI Flare Festival. 

I really loved our conversation because we got into the nitty gritty of producing, like how you create a budget, what pitching your project is like, the public funding landscape and how Loran actually makes a living. We also talked about grander concepts like revolutionising and diversifying the industry, as well as empowering young people to make their own work and being yourself.

Show notes

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