Episode 008: Beccy Ashdown

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This week, I’ve got another glorious guest in the form of Beccy Ashdown. I first came across Beccy and the work that she does at Together Films at the Open City Documentary Festival in 2017, where Beccy spoke about social change and the role or responsibility of documentary filmmakers within that. I knew then that she occupied a very unique position in the industry, as someone that straddles the world of film but also politics and non for profits and as someone that can speak to changing models or approaches to distribution.

Beccy is Campaign Director at Together Films, a marketing and distribution agency that offer bespoke solutions and strategies for films looking to reach a particular audience, particularly in the realm of issues or topics that have the ability to spark conversation and positive change.

So I was absolutely thrilled when Beccy agreed to come on the pod and it came as no surprise that there was lots to talk about. Beccy has had an incredible and varied career, working for the likes of BBC, Amnesty,  BFI and TIFF and I think she’s testament to the idea that just because you don’t start out in the field you have an interest in, or can even identify that field doesn’t mean you can’t navigate and learn your way into a fulfilling career.

Frankly I felt very fulfilled and seen by this chat. We spoke about working freelance, but not putting the free into freelance, approaching people you admire (including that time Beccy wrote to Louis Theroux) and having a network of friends that can champion you to you.

Show notes:

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