New Beginnings

I lost my blog. I typed in the address, which since my laptop has been ‘repaired’, a.k.a wiped off its memory, does not come up automatically and this proceeded to return with 0 results. It was an upsetting ordeal. Not only did I spend several minutes scrolling through google blogs, finding not my blog but several others called ‘my life in film’, but when I added Nicole Davis it came up with ‘is Nicole Davis Britain’s most spoilt baby’. Not quite what I had in mind. Eventually I scrolled through old tweets and found a link and thus my way back here, thank goodness, because its not as if I need anymore discouragement.

Let’s face it, I haven’t been writing in a while and this blog is turning out to be what you might call patchy. I certainly wouldn’t make the world’s greatest columnist…sorry readers going on a 3 month sabbatical because, well I’m just not in the mood for writing today. And its really as simple as that, I have been watching films and not writing about them. Gasp. Even the teaser trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider Man have not given me enough incentive to type emphatically about my passion for film. I despair. Being the self-motivator that I am, I will probably read that back to myself and cringe, but alas I have decided to sit down and write until I review at least 3 films that I have seen of late. Of course my timing is off, my mum has just come flouncing through the door (I’m not sure she’d agree that she flounces) and started dispelling chores left right and centre and now I have to be called away to chop peppers and onions and help my cat into his cat box.

But I do solemnly swear to review something within the next 24 hours….so watch this space.

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