Just to say hi…

This is just a check-in to let you all know I haven’t recoiled from the blogging world, or worse, neglected you! Sadly I’m currently suffering from a temporary bout of indifference. I started writing a post on the film ‘Chalet Girl’ that I saw recently at the cinema but found that is was overpopulated by the word good; like the word ‘nice’ any English teacher will advise you to avoid it like the plague. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, but there was a part of me hoping to see a terribly trite and flawed romantic comedy in order to get the creative juices flowing and proceed with a Mark Kermode style rant. Whilst I was gladly proven wrong and indeed actually rather liked the film this led to a pretty boring review: to sum the movie it was brilliantly charming and as light and fluffy as the snow which features. The soundtrack’s pretty cool too. However that doesn’t exactly make for riveting reading. Moreover gone are the days in which I watch at least two or three films a week…I’m hardly making it to one! Boxsets are taking over my life and the last two films I saw were repeats and I always prefer to blog when my viewing of a film is hot off the press. In short I need to revive my blogging spirits, but am slightly unsure as to go about doing so. Its not that I’ve lost excitement in film, believe me, when this month’s Empire magazine landed on the doormat it was quite the opposite (coolest cover in a long time), I just don’t really know what to write. I actually believe I’ve been jinxed, I wasn’t having trouble until someone else told me they were having trouble deciding what to write next and now, like a cold, I’ve a caught it. So fear not, I haven’t dropped of the face of the earth. I’m just brainstorming and will be back with something epic just as soon as I come up with it…

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