19 – 15

19. Up Where We Belong – An Officer and a Gentlemen – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes

Youtube’s inability to provide me with matching clips is hindering this post somewhat. From what I remember of watching this film; this romantic ballad occured during the end when Richard Gere quite literally sweeps the girl (I can’t remember her) off her feet. A heartwarming crescendo to what is one of the most lovely love stories, you can’t help but be wrapped up in the idealism of it all.

18. The Sounds of Silence – The Graduate – Simon & Garfunkel

Oh how I love Simon & Garfunkel. This wonderfully melancholic song fits the ending of this film so well. After the dramatic climax and big romantic gesture, reality for Elaine and Ben sets in as their future lies ahead. Rather than gushing about their love and their dreams, the sit in silence, perhaps not really sure if they do love each other.

17. Be Our Guest – Beauty & The Beast

I have a lot of love for whoever wrote this song. The whole opera and opulence of it all, combined with the enchanting creativity of the sequence make for a Disney classic. Quite simply magnificent.

16. Then He Kissed Me – Goodfellas – The Crystals

This song also features in a film called The Adventures of Babysitting which rivalled very close with this scene. But this is Goodfellas, so, come on. The scene is so illuminating; both in terms of narrative and Scorcese’s genius as a director; he leads us down into the underworld that is the mob, darkly glamorous, alluring and yet very dangerous. Brilliant song choice, something which continues throughout the movie. One that comes to mind and perhaps even shares this spot is Layla by Eric Clapton in which the gang get whacked.

15. Goin’ To Acapulco – I’m Not There – Jim James & Calexico

Yes, it does (get its own spot that is). This entire scene is so emblematic and evocative; from the paradoxical presence of the giraffe to the jarring notes of Jim James & Calexico it brings tears to my eyes. Perfection.

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