The capitals are for my general excitement at writing this post. I have been mulling/planning this for a while making sure I don’t miss anything like I did with my definitive list post; though that is perhaps inevitable. I have also spent a lot of time trying to upload youtube videos, because the choices don’t mean a lot if one can listen, then agree or disagree, but unfortunately folks no can do. Enjoy the post anyway, its been a pleasure to do.

25. Addicted to Love – Cocktail – Robert Palmer

Ok so that creepy woman in her 80’s get-up that stares Tom Cruise out kinds ruins this clip a little for me, along with the very abrupt Spanish voiceover; however this remains a pretty awesome scene. I can never fail to be impressed by the bartending skills on show in Cocktail, along with one of those ‘belt it out’ numbers of the 80’s. I wasn’t even alive then and it still seems that those were the days.

24. Shipping up to Boston – The Departed – The Dropkick Murphy’s

This clip doesn’t really do the song justice, but then neither does one with the song out of context. An emphatic and catchy song that provides a searing introduction to what is a very intense film.

23. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – 10 Things I Hate About You – Andy Williams

A prime example of when Hollywood takes liberty and challenges the audience to suspend disbelief in the name of love. I could write a partially witty and yet equally sincere account of why I’ve made this choice, but then someone has already done that for me, so I too shall take liberty and hand you over to Deb Medsker of

“Of course it’s preposterous. That’s hardly the point. The issue is not whether Heath Ledger’s Patrick Verona would be given carte blanche to take over the school’s public address system (he wouldn’t), nor whether he could successfully bribe the entire marching band (his high school has a marching band?!) to learn, practice and perform on cue the very song with which he hopes to serenade the object of his affection, one Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles, in the best performance of her career to date). No, the point is the big, beautiful sentiment behind it all, as Patrick steps out into the bleachers, microphone in hand, and pours his very soul into a grand romantic gesture that can’t fail to melt the heart of his ice queen. Because, seriously: Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded in the middle of a soccer field by Heath Ledger? “Let me love you”? Okay. Where do I sign?”

22. The Killing Moon – Donnie Darko – Echo & The Bunnymen

A hauntingly brilliant song, with a great riff that accompanies this scene perfectly. I love how the morning sun ripples through the trees and the notion of clarity that emanates from this scene; the breeze, the freedom, the music that is juxtaposed with Donnie’s own state of mind.

21. I’m Not There – Bob Dylan

Now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t specified a song. Well quite simply that there are too many epic music moments in this film to just choose one; it is after all a Bob Dylan biopic. The clip is of the trailer, which features ‘Like A Rolling Stone’. I can’t summarise how much I love this film, so if you’re interested there is an earlier post on my blog where I review it ( The whole soundtrack is also worth checking out, as its filled with some offbeat, quirky but exquisite covers of Dylan’s songs. Most notably, Stuck Inside A Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again by Cat Power and Goin’ To Acapulco by Jim James & Calexico, which is especially poignant and perhaps the scene I would have chosen if I were so darn indecisive. It might even get its own spot…

20. Society – Into the Wild – Eddie Vedder

Another film with a stellar soundtrack, mainly because it predominantly features the resonant vocals of Eddie Vedder. A lot of meaning behind this song that beautifully epitomises the sentiment behind the film as well. This song also puts me in a pensive mood, which is also something that can be said for the film.

So that’s the first 6. I’ll break it up into manageable chunks, just like revision (another reason to read this blog : the free advice) so as to make it less tedious.

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