So, here’s my predicament…I wrote a lovely blog post a few days ago when the X-Men trailer was released, except I couldn’t upload the video of the trailer, practically negating the entire purpose of the post. If anyone would care to help with this problem I would be very grateful…perhaps even dedicate an entire post to you!! Secondly I haven’t posted since last Tuesday and I happen to have watched a cluster of good quality films since then and now have the mountainous task of including them in one blog post. Plus I have entire post containing content I wish not to delete, but which seems somewhat irrelevant now, so, moan out of the way this is a mish-mash post of various film musings…its not very up to date but I’ll throw caution to the wind and continue anyway.

Oh and there are SPOILERS, so be cautious when reading.

Currently absent of accompanying trailer, I wish to re-express my utter excitement at the new X-Men film after watching the trailer. The start of any trailer/movie is for me always the most epic moment. It’s when your aniticipation is at its peak and anything that happens from this moment on could effect your opinion of the entire movie. So when the sound of a dramatic song combined with the shadowy 20th Century Fox symbol lit up my laptop you can imagine my zeal. (God help anyone who comes to the cinema with me to see it). I loved how it begins with the empty wheelchair; for comic book fans this is a painful reminder of Charles Xavier’s battle with the Shadow King that left him confined to a wheelchair after he broke his spine. There is both a poignancy and a sense of renewal in this opening image; we know Xavier’s tragic fate and yet we get to see his journey or at least the beginning of in a different light. Indeed; the next part of the trailer ‘Before he was Professor X’ sets up the notion that we are to embark a voyage that unravels Professor X’s formative years…enter the handsome face of James McAvoy. Some posters on imdb claim to be unconvinced by the casting of McAvoy; of course with Ian McKellen as the formindable predecessor its hard to imagine anyone filling his shoes. Except that he’s technically not. This is a new pair of shoes…although Charles was completely bald by the time he graduated high school as a side effect of his mutant nature, but I guess we’ll have to suspend disbelief about this one.

Then of course we are introduced to Magneto; as with the wheelchair, we are alluded to the man/mutant he became in the form of his iconic red headgear, but then taken back to when he was just known as Erik, in the fine form of Michael Fassbender, who I think is genius casting. The trailer is then infused with its roots with a Marvel montage perhaps to remind us that despite new creative intentions this is the comic we know and love. The trailer unfolds alongside the edgy and mysterious music in a sort of drama-building way, slowly shots fade from one to the other, all the while establishing a crescendo that we know will evolve into something epic.

The shot of President Kennedy talking about the Cold War places this film firmly in the context of the 60’s and the battle in the film echoes that of the one between America and Russia. Then all hell breaks loose. A timely way to introduce the date at which this will be happening. June 3rd is already circled on my calendar.

Emma Frost in then introduced as played by the lovely January Jones, I’m really looking forward to seeing her in a role quite dissimilar from Betty Draper. In quick succession we then meet the rest of Xavier’s recruits; Angel, Beast, Havok, Darwin and Mystique. The first dialogue we hear is Xavier saying to Magneto ‘Ready for this’ and him replying ‘Let’s find out’, an obvious allusion to the movie itself. What follows is an action packed montage of all we have to look forward to; although I don’t remember there being anything between Mystique and Beast, which is hinted at in the trailer, but could definately be an interesting sub-plot. Also looking forward to Kevin Bacon’s appearance.

The trailer then continues to reveal what is at the very heart of X-Men; the philosophical debate between Xavier and Magneto: the tension brimming between McAvoy and Fassbender as they appear to confront one another whilst sat in armchairs looks thrilling, as does every bit of the mind-boggling action sequences. Closing is that infamous X sign, a darkened screen and a flurry of exhilaration. I’ll be counting down the days…

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