Movies I’m most excited about for 2011.

1. Never Let Me Go

Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan AND Andrew Garfield. Enough Said.

2. Country Strong

Now hear me out, I too was a little skeptical when first seeing the trailer, this is after all a Gwyneth Paltrow film and to be honest I haven’t like her since THAT Oscar speech, but her voice in this is pretty good and I do like a good bit of country; as long as it’s not too much like Jeff Bridges recent turn as redeemed alcoholic in ‘Crazy Heart’ it has potential; not that I didn’t like that film but it would be a little generic to rip it off only a year after it came out. Gwynie is also starring in an episode of Glee this series if you want a preview of her vocal talents.

3. Your Highness

The script sounds hilarious and it has James Franco in it. I’m sold.

4. We Need To Talk About Kevin

The book is brilliant, superbly written and very though provoking, so the film has a lot to live up to and because of the depth of the novel it seems unlikely that everything will be included, however its starring Tilda Swinton who often gives classy performances, especially as quite haughty women and I’m just very curious as to how its going to work.

5. Jane Eyre

From what I’ve read the director… Cary something is very intent on staying true to the novel and allowing its Gothic flair to resonate, so this sounds promising. The trailer certainly looks impressive.

6. One Day

Read this book in about two days, so realistic and absorbing. I’m not Anne Hathaway’s biggest fan, but I am a little bit in love with Jim Sturgess and it’s directed by Lone ‘An Education’ Scherfig, so it can’t be all bad. The press released photos also look like they depict chapters from the book accurately. Really excited for this one.

7. Contagion

If you have seen the cast for this then you’ll understand why I can’t wait for this. If not, here’s just a few: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow. Plus its directed by Steven Soderbergh and his pairings with Damon have been very solid previously.

8. Source Code

Really excited about Duncan Jones’ follow-up to Moon, though if he follows in the footsteps of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (no that wasn’t written from memory) who crashed and burned with ‘The Tourist’ after the Oscar winning ‘The Lives of Others’, then we might not be in for the treat that I think we are. The plot looks intriguing and at the moment anything with Jake Gyllenhaal looks enticing.

9. Water for Elephants

Reese Witherspoon has pretty much gone down in my esteem since ‘Walk the Line’, I think she peaked after that Oscar and I detest Robert Pattison, however the screenplay is written by the same fellow who penned ‘The Horse Whisperer’ and ‘The Bridges of Madison County’, this combined with director Francis Lawrence’s track record which includes high octane blockbusters such as ‘I am legend’ and ‘Constantine’ should be an interesting combination and if all else fails Christoph Waltz is back playing a bad guy.

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