I haven’t written on here in ages…which I could blame on A2 coursework, general business and then flounder for further excuses which exonerate me from the fact I have indeed neglected this passion. The real reason of course is laziness. But let me make up for it with a bonus blog, packed with more reviews-come-musings than you could wish for. In no particular order…

1. Nights in Rodanthe
This was practically forced upon me by my Grandma and subsequently made for suitable Sunday afternoon viewing, it is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel after all. Now, having watched The Notebook as my first ‘Sparks’ outing shall we say I like most teenage girls fell for the giddy romance, kisses in the rain and overall sentimentality. Nevertheless with a string of overly sickening disappointments; A Walk to Remember (let’s no go there or I WILL end up writing a blistering review that involves a pun on the irony of having ‘remember’ in it title and it wasn’t that great the first time around), Dear John; I mainly hated this because of the two lead actors and of course The Last Song which features Miley Cyrus so of course its going to be crap, his romantic escapades have gone down in my esteem. Nights in Rodanthe does nothing to redeem him.

Hackneyed, plasitudinous or Hallmark; pick your favourite because any of them could be used to describe the script. You’d think there could be something more original and thus enjoyable than this slushy love story that this film is far too eager to deliver. Richard Gere plays a tortured soul; burdened with the guilt of an ailing/non-existent relationship with his son and a medical malpractice suit, Diane Lane is also going through a tough time; her husband cheated on her, her daughter hates and well, her middle class surburban life just isn’t peachy enough. Even so the attraction is imminent and after some talking, toying and tin throwing well…quadruple space…a reference that will all become clear in the next review. Nothing says sex appeal like ‘my life sucks’, don’t you find?

But of course, what other choice did they have? Lane is looking after her friends bed and breakfast, whilst rediscovering who she is and Gere is the only guest. Convenience doesn’t quite cut it, let’s try contrived. Yes, that’s better. The storm brewing outside just facilitates a way to release all that sexual tension and BOOM. One night and suddenly they’re the loves of each other’s lives. Gere can’t even drive away without running back for one last embrace…cos this is the real thing guys.

Of course, all the ends have to be tied up in time for the 90 minute finish, so after the whirlwind romance Gere apologises for killing his patient and then goes off to fix his ongoing dispute with son, who’s ready to forgive this time. Lane turns down her cheating husband, resolves things with her rebel daughter and well the only damned thing getting in the way of their being together is Gere’s untimely death. What a darn shame. I probably should have warned you about the spoilers in this beforehand, but really I’m saving you from having to endure this all yourself. Sappy stuff that leaves you feeling bummed out, its going to take a lot to convince me to see what Sparks has in store for us next.

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